Welcome to the Lords of Whitecliff campaign.

The descendants of the Lords of Whitecliff Keep are not heirs to the Keep’s Lordship, but the Lords have some ideas on how to keep them busy. (see what I did there.)

~ Premise ~

The youngest sons and daughters of the Lords are called upon to secure the safety of the wilds to the west of the keep. They have been trained and educated as noble blood, but as 3rd and 4th children, seem to have too much time on their hands. As idle hands are the Devil’s tools, the Lords have a plan to keep them occupied.

~ kick-off invite to the players ~

“ You will be playing the one of the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th children (or maybe a cousin) of one of the Lords of Whitecliff. As one of your older siblings is heir to Lordship, you have been tasked with other duties around the keep, which have given you the freedom to explore your interests… but sometimes, you are needed when there is trouble.. such as now!

There is trouble in the west, and the people are in danger… will you heed the summons of the Lords of the White Cliffs, and come to their aid? ”

More info will be added to the wiki.

Lords of Whitecliff

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