Lords of Whitecliff

From the top Down

3rd Game

I’ll have to come back later and write this out more like a journal, but for now, I wanted to catpure the events as I recall them.
If you (players) have anything to add, please feel free to add content.

  • The party returns to Merryl’s house
  • Glip and Burl deliver news of a large bone pile, a tower, and some undead
  • The Party goes to check out the tower (a few days ride)
  • Kale stays behind at Merryls to train his rabbit (no, really.)
  • Fortes, Darius and Kelly get to the tower and fight some undead
  • One of the undead was an Ogre.
  • Kelly determined that this is the 2nd time they have killed this ogre.
  • The Group scales the outside of the tower, and enters from above.
  • The top room filled with magical darkness, and something about the size of a horse.
  • The party rushes out of top room into middle level of tower
  • There is a Goblin necromancer in there, just finished suiting up
  • While fighting goblin necromancer, a large creature shrouded in 20’ darkness breaks down the door and enters room, while three more undead (including another Ogre) come up from the first floor.
  • There is hardly any room to maneuver in the 2nd floor with all the people creatures and undead.
  • Fortes drops, and the party flees downstairs, Fortes over Darius’ shoulders.
  • Kelly heals Fortes, and they run into the woods
  • The black ball of darkness erupts from the top of the tower… apparently it can fly… and is in pursuit of the party.



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