Lords of Whitecliff

Loot the Paladin

4th Game

once again, I’m just going to bullet out the events, I’ll come back later and journal later.

  • The Party is running from the tower, heading west (picking up from last game’s ending)
  • The Flying Ball of DarknessTM swoops over to the east, over to the horses and start having lunch
  • The party is running and they circle around to head back towards Merryl’s farm, heading North East.
  • The party continues to run (Fortes is healed a bit) and after a while the darkness thing has come around looking for them.
  • Fortes, Darius and Kelly run into Kale, on horseback with two unknown companions.
  • Meet Rick the Paladin and Surefine the Elf Cleric.
  • Fortes, Darius and Kelly urge the other to turn around and share their horses
  • The Flying Ball of DarknessTM catches up anyhow, breaking through the canopy and crushing one of the horses.
  • the FBoDTM seems to hate horses, it kills most of them first before turning on the party.
  • Rick the Paladin Smites Evil before he himself is Smote.
  • A few more undead show up and the undead and the FBoDTM is finally put down.
  • Kale loots the paladin.
  • Darius apparently swiped a bag full of black onyx gems while they were fighting the Necromancer.
  • The next day, on the road to Merryl’s, the party encounters the Goblin Necromancer again.
  • Looking much worse for his encounter with the Necromancer and bound and unconscious at the Necromancer’s feet is the Party’s favorite goblin, Burl.
  • as soon as his Sanctuary drops, Kelly goes bat shit on the Nercomancer and the party follows suit. He goes down in two rounds, after failing to Hold Person on Fortes.
  • The Goblin has a Staff with a magical Stone Shard in the head of the staff. One edge is smooth and rounded as though it were once part of a sphere.
  • Kelly sends a Message to Treetown, asking for replacement horses and someone to come collect Bob’s corpse and return him to Whitecliff.
  • The party is pretty beat up, but they manage to limp back to Merryl’s.
  • After the party gets to Merryl’s (with Bob on the only remaining horse), Kelly borrows Merryl’s wagon and two Oxen, and the Party takes the north road towards Tree town to meet whoever is dispatched to collect Rick.
  • On the morning of the 2nd Day, the Party encounters the response to her message. Kelly’s Mother, Lorik Madderhorn is the one bringing the replacement horses.
  • Lorik hears Kelly’s story, takes the stone shard and collects Rick’s corpse.
  • As per Lorik’s instructions, the party will set out to find the Witch behind the Ogres (and presumably the Necromancer)
  • Surefine the Elf Cleric stays with the Party.

End of Game 4



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