Lords of Whitecliff

A little birdy told me

5th Game

Once again, I’m just going to bullet out the events, I’ll come back later and journal later.
(I’ll just keep saying that, maybe someday I’ll have time to come back and re-write these. On that note, Players, you are welcome to re-write these in a more journal like manner, or not.[But not Baldbeasty, because he breaks the formatting!!!] )

Last game ended with the Party returning Rick the Paladin’s corpse to Lorik Madderhorn, and getting fresh horses from Treetown. The Party then returned to Merryl’s farm to return the Cart and Oxen.

The Plan was to head into the foothills and find the Ogre Den that was the map Tessa provided.

On the Morning of the 2nd day, Kelly MadderHorn recieves a message from Lorik Madderhorn by way of hummingbird. I tiny note is attached to the tiny bird.

“Kelly, take the south road to a barren rock outcropping, 25 miles to your Southwest. Meet up with your brother and his companion. I am still looking into the Stone shard you recovered. It may be important, keep an eye out for more like it.” There is a tiny map indicating the spot.

The Party proceeds to change direction and locates the desired outcropping.
When they arrive, there are 5 men wrestling with a female ogre.
There is another man, standing by two overloaded carts, cheering on the men.

The Ogress is “Pel” and is wrestling the men for sport. She ends up winning (4 of the 5 men are unconscious and the 5th can barely stand) and the merchant forks over 7 gold.

The party has an exchange with Pel and she tells them of the nearby Ogre Den (they already knew where it was) and how one of the Ogres’ recently took over control of the Den from the previous Leader. She asks that the party not kill her cousin “Mel”. (to be Identifed by a large growth on her left ear)

Some of the party members proceed to buy some of the traveling merchants wares, and Pel buys some very large gladiator style nets and departs.

Within a short while, Kelly’s brother Adelard Madderhorn shows up with Garik Garnetgetter. Adelard proceeds to excitedly tell the party he singlehandly killed a goblin patrol (Garik points out that they were not provoked, but that Adelard simply launch an all out attack on them as soon as he saw them). Adelard has a string of goblin ears at his waist (they are starting to smell).

Garik tells the party that he was asked to join them, and that Darius Rushmoore is being recalled to [[|Whitecliff Keep]]. Adelard is happy to head back to Treetown and seek out more goblin patrols on his way.

Darius and Adelard head north and with a new member in tow, the party heads once again towards the Ogre Den.



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