Lords of Whitecliff

Follow the Rabbit

2nd Game - Part 2

After regrouping at Merryl‘s farm, the party decides that they will go after the Ogre’s in the ruined structure where Fortes tracked the Dire Bunny Rabbit.

After traveling most of the next day to get to the Ogre Den, the group devises a plan to lure the Ogre’s from the Den, and try to pick them off from a distance.

While the Dire Bunny still takes shelter in the Den, Fortes starts taking pot-shots into the Den, and manages to land two shots into one of the Ogres, as they come rushing out of the Den. In an incredibly stoke of luck, Fortes lands several great shots into one of the Ogres and it drops just as it exits the Den.
As soon as the second Ogre steps out of the Den, Kelly has an Entangle ready, and the Ogre’s charge is slowed down. Kale unleashed several magic missiles into the Ogre, and it tries to engage him, but is put down before it reaches him.

The party loots the Ogre Den, which appears to be a two story structure, where the floor on the 2nd story collapsed into the first, leaving a large open chamber over nearly 20’ high.


  • Wand: What at first appeared to be a wooden spoon, is discovered to be a wand, with a spoon tied to the end of it, and so caked with gruel that it appeared to be a solid spoon handle.
  • Wooden dagger
  • 2 Potions

In the back wall, where the floor used to be, about 10’ from what is now the floor, there is a doorway, which has been sealed with a tree trunk, and what appears to be Ogre dung.

The party takes shelter in the Ogre Den, and after a days rest, removes the tree trunk from the back door of the Den, and venture deeper into the structure…



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