Lords of Whitecliff


6th game

The game date is in question… I did manage to get a year behind in the adventure log.

The part makes its way to the Ogre Den on the map.
The party scouts out the entrance to a cave, which was guarded by goblins. In addition ,there were goblin worg riders on patrol.

Garek sneaks into the cave entrance and scouts a bit into the cave, sneaking past a half dozen goblins making camp inside the cave entrance.

Garek makes it far enough into the cave to discover that it opens into a drop off in a large water filled cavern, however there isn’t any obvious way across the cavern to the other side.

Garek returns with his scouting report and the party ventures into the cave and eliminates the small group goblins.

The party makes it to the drop off and discovers a crane like apparatus that can be used to ferry the party to the other side of the cavern. Garek uses his innate powers to summon dancing lights, revealing that the crane can only be operated from the other side of the cavern where is a crank mechanism.

Kelly casts spider climb and start to make his way along the wall to the other side of the cavern. Thanks to the illumination from the Dancing Lights, this makes Kelly a great target for the ballista that the party didn’t know was being manned by goblins on the far side of the cave. Kelly gets hit a few times by ballista, and makes haste to the other side of the cave.

The Gnome-a-pult is invented… Kale takes the shape of a harpy and grabs Garek, and start to fly to the other side of the cave. Garek meanwhile directs the dancing lights to the far wall of the cave, revealing two openings each with a ballista. Not being a fan of being a target for the ballista, Kale tosses Garek into one opening, and swoops down to the other.

After a scuffle with the goblins, and a few ogres (and a scruffy, starving griffon, which once freed from its cage by Garek, takes care of a few of the goblins on its way out) The party finds a passage out the back end of the cave….

and this brings the game session to an end…



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