Lords of Whitecliff

I smell a Rat / Spider Bear

7th Game

game date is in question…

The party continued to explore the cave, pushing to the back of the cave the find a passage leading deeper into the foothills.

Kale notices a secret door along the passage, and instead of notifying the party rogue, he waits for the rest of the party to pass by it, and he pushes it open. A poison needle strikes him, and he goes down for the count.
GM Note: Kale’s player couldn’t make this game and so we incapacitated him

The party explores the man-made tunnel for about 60 feet when it forks, going right into another well made tunnel, and going ahead, turning into a more rough, natural looking tunnel.

The tunnel on the right leads to a well appointed alchemists laboratory. Confined in a small cage under one of the tables is a young human, chained and locked as an slave to the masters of this place. Garek recognizes him as an alchemist apprentice from Whitecliff. The human tells the party that there are Ogres and goblins running the place, and they have been forcing him to make Marvelous Pigment, which when painted into the likeness of a thing, can become the thing. They have been using it to mass produce weapons, and expand their lair. The pigment can be used to ‘paint’ a tunnel, and when complete, will create an actual tunnel.

Garek goes scouts the natural looking tunnel, returns 45 minutes later, saying that it just turns into a natural cave tunnel, and continues to lead down into darkness. The party decides not to continue that direction.

The party frees the human, loots the room for its valuables, and continues back to the original tunnel.

Spotted by a sentry, combat quickly ensues at the entrance to larger room. There are several layers of tapestry hung across a large entrance to a large hall.

goblin archers sit atop the tapestry supports and pepper the party w/ arrows, and an Ogre emerges from them with a large gladiator net.
Kelly, who had had been in the form of a bear (and trying to grunt her displeasure with with the current plan to the party) is ensnared by the Ogre, and dragged into the next room.

The party rushes into the room to save Kelly, and does so expertly. Fortes slashes at the net, freeing Kelly, who then charges up a wall (spider bear!) and onto a ledge populated with goblin archers. She proceeds to take out an archer a round making her way across the room on the ledge.

The room has about a dozen goblins and three ogres. Fortes’ eyes are all agleam for giant killing, and he does a pretty good job of it. The last Ogre is a tall, wiry female with a fierce look to her. As the party is having success in the first half of the room, the she-Ogre transforms before them into a Large Were-Rat.

In the battle that follows, Kelly & Fortes end up in melee with the she-Ogress-Were-Rat and Kelly drops down to Zero HP, while Fortes’ blows force the Ogress to shift into medium sized rat shape and escape down a small tunnel in the back of the room.
The party makes easy work of the rest of the room, and loots the room to find Tessa’s scabbard and the Witches ring.



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