Lords of Whitecliff

I'll take Door Number 1

2nd Game - Part 3

The party lights a Lantern and ventures deeper into the ancient structure. Despite the condition of the first room, the structure appears to be very well built, with flagstone floors and block walls.
The room beyond the blocked door smells damp and dank, and old. The floor is strewn with dirt and guano. As the Party enters the room, the disturb the residents, and are set upon by a few Stirge.

After successfully dispatching the Stirge, the party moves from room to room, deeper into the hillside. two smaller rooms, and a two more encounters with Stirge, they enter a large chamber in the back of the Structure, and dispatch a small storm of Stirge.

At this point the party is pretty beat up, and missing a bit of blood. Believing the building has been cleared, Kale start looking around, while the rest of the party sets up camp in one of the first rooms. Kale checks out a crevasse at the back of the largest room, and is engulfed by the Gelatinous Cube residing in the back of the crevasse. The rest of the party, being in the other room, doesn’t notice Kale’s absence at first, and then Kelly realizes it got too quite in the other room.
During the fight that followed, Darius was also engulfed in the Cube, Kelly used most of her Greek Fire, and Fortes and handful of arrows… but they finally overcame the Slime and rescued Kale and Darius. Kale was near death, and the party decides to hold up here for a few days.

Once Recovered (two days later) the party is ready to press on. Kale discovered that the crevasse in the back room didn’t just hold a Slime, it also lead down, to another level of the structure.

The Party quickly scouted out the rooms below, dispatching a few Dire Rats, and finding their way past a Large stone door, into some kind of burial chamber. Within, they discover a sarcophagus (a pit trap) and some treasure.
Eventually, they find another stairway down (behind what was once a secret door, but so damaged that it was obvious) deeper into the hillside.

With Dire Rats fleeing before them, the part finally came to a large , clean, and well lit room in the very bottom of the building.

There they met with a Woman, living in the building, with the Rats as her companions. Armed with a crossbow, and wearing leather armor, she confronted the part (pinning Kale to the door with a crossbow bolt) and asked them to leave her home.

Kelly, ever the diplomat, got the woman talking and asked her what news she might have that could aid the party. She spoke of the Ogres, the Goblins and a Witch. She told the party that the Witch was behind the Ogres, and the Ogres were controlling the Goblins… and that if they party did her a favor, she could help them find the Witch.

Armed with a map provided by Tessa, the Party left in search of a Scabbard and a Ring, which Tessa told them had been taken from her by the Ogres. If they returned them to her, she could help the party locate the lair of the Witch.

End of Game 2



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