Lords of Whitecliff

Where'd that rabbit go?

2nd Game - Part 1

At the end of the first game, the party decided to split up temporarily.

The brothers Darius and Fortes set off to track down the Dire Bunny, in hopes that it might lead them back to the Ogre Den.

Kelly and Kale meanwhile were to rendezvous with Goblin Chief Tem

Kelly and Kale arrive at the rendezvous point, a rock outcropping in a fallow field, north east from Merryl‘s farm. When they arrive the discover Burl hiding in a crevasse, trying to be sneaky, and failing. After a short interlude, Tem arrives with a small entourage, for his meeting with Kelly.
Tem goes on to relay the events that have driven the goblins to encroach on the farmers land.
It seems that something is either scaring off, or eating anything larger than a (normal sized) rabbit, and food for the goblins has been scarce. While they have been picking off the small and weak animals from the local farmers, they insist they haven’t been taking much.
Kelly strikes a deal with Tem. The Party will look into what is causing the shortage of game, and they will parlay with the local farmers to help get the goblins through the winter without any blood shed, in exchange for an end to the raids. Tem agrees, and Kelly now has to convince the local farmers.

Meanwhile Darius and Fortes track the Dire Bunny Rabbit back to an ancient, half buried structure, built into the side of a hill. Huge 20’ tall doors once stood against the elements, but now lay in ruins within the structure, having been sundered as if by a powerful blow. All they can tell from their vantage point is that the structure within is in ruins, and the entrance slopes down 10-12 feet into darkness. But there are Ogres here, and they don’t seem too happy about the Dire Bunny.

The party regroups back at Merryl’s farm the next day to plan the next move.



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