Party Treasture List


Updated 11-29-14

Accumulated Treasure:
PP: 6
GP: 14,677
SP: 1207
CP: 670
Gems: 23 gems @ 500 gp value

PP: 6

Scrotions and Polls
Potion: Cure Light Wounds x15
Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion: Eagles Splendor
Potion: Magic Fang x3
Potion: Jump x2
Potion: Lesser REstoration
Potion: hide From undead
Potion: Bear’s Endurance x7
Potion: Neutralize Poison x 2
Potion: Blur
Potion: Cure Mod
Potion: Cure Serious
Potion: Haste
Scroll: Major Creation, Wall of Ice
Scroll: Enthrall, Reduce Animal
Scroll: Wall of Smoke x4
Scroll: Detect chaos, Evil, Good, Law; Magic Fang; Owl’s Wisdom
Scroll: Dancing Lights, Burning Hands, Chill touch
Scroll: Ray of Frost
Scroll: shield, Knock, See Invis
Scroll: Floating Disc, Jump
Scroll: Cure Light Wounds x 4
Scroll: Fireball x2
Scroll: web, Confusion

Magic Items:
Wand of False Life, 17 charges (carried by Stig)
Wand of summon monster 1 as a 3rd level caster, 27 charges (carried by Stig)
Wand of Burning Hands as 3rd level caster
Wand of Burning Hands (32 charges)
Ring of swimming, +5 to swim checks, Intelligent, LG with an ego of 5
Ring: Sustinence (used bt Fortus)
Ring: Protection +1 (Syrfine)
Ring: Dex +2 (Gareck)
Cloak of resistance +1 (carried and used by Hassan)
Cloak of Protection +2 (Fortus)
Robe of Resistance +1
Staff of Defense 21 Charges (Stig)
Silver Circlet: +2 int (Garret)
9 Jars of marvelous pigment
Qualls Feather Token, bird to send message
Everburning Torch
Hourglass: 1/day target cannot be scried for 60 Seconds
Horseshoes of the Zephyr (on Fortus’s Horse)
Bracers of Armor +2 (used by Styg)
Horn of Good and Evil
glove of Storing (worn by Fortus)
Headband of Intellect +2
2x Phase rings (for phase room at the temple of the third moon)
Rod of Cancelation
Boot of Elven Kind

Magic Weapons and Armor:
Long sword +1 (carried and used by Fortus)
Longbow +1 (carried and used by Kale)
Longsword of Wounding (carried by Fortus)
Dagger +1 (Syrefine)
Nunchaku +2
Rapier +2
Short Sword +1
Shield of Floating (used by Hogrin)

Mundane Weapons and Armor:
2x Sunrods
4x Tanglefoot bags
2x alchemist fire
7x Flasks of Acid
3x Holy Water
Light Steel Shield
Light Steel Shield
MW Dragonhide Plate
Studded Leather Armor
Chainmail x 2
Sm Shield
Morning Star
MW Bastard Sword x6
MW Comp Short Bows x6
Cold Iron Short Bow arrows x65
Silver Short Bow Arrows x65
MW Bola x3
MW Leather Armor
MW Buckler
MW Morning Star x2

Misc Items
150 GP in Powdered Silver
MW Thiefs Tools

Unidentified magic items:
(04-19-14 game)
*Large Steel Shield (currently used by Hogrin)
*Small Steel Shield
*Chain shirt
*Light Steel Shield
*Ring (curses the user with silence for an hour) (carried by Kale)
(10-18-14 game: Hobgoblins and company)
*Cloak x 2
*Dagger (1)
*Heavy Steel Shield (

Items of note:
a staff with a magic stone mounted on it, the stone was obviously part of a sphere. the stone was taken from the party by Kelly’s Mother and were told to keep an eye out for any more pieces.


Party Treasture List

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