Lords of Whitecliff

I smell a Rat / Spider Bear
7th Game

game date is in question…

The party continued to explore the cave, pushing to the back of the cave the find a passage leading deeper into the foothills.

Kale notices a secret door along the passage, and instead of notifying the party rogue, he waits for the rest of the party to pass by it, and he pushes it open. A poison needle strikes him, and he goes down for the count.
GM Note: Kale’s player couldn’t make this game and so we incapacitated him

The party explores the man-made tunnel for about 60 feet when it forks, going right into another well made tunnel, and going ahead, turning into a more rough, natural looking tunnel.

The tunnel on the right leads to a well appointed alchemists laboratory. Confined in a small cage under one of the tables is a young human, chained and locked as an slave to the masters of this place. Garek recognizes him as an alchemist apprentice from Whitecliff. The human tells the party that there are Ogres and goblins running the place, and they have been forcing him to make Marvelous Pigment, which when painted into the likeness of a thing, can become the thing. They have been using it to mass produce weapons, and expand their lair. The pigment can be used to ‘paint’ a tunnel, and when complete, will create an actual tunnel.

Garek goes scouts the natural looking tunnel, returns 45 minutes later, saying that it just turns into a natural cave tunnel, and continues to lead down into darkness. The party decides not to continue that direction.

The party frees the human, loots the room for its valuables, and continues back to the original tunnel.

Spotted by a sentry, combat quickly ensues at the entrance to larger room. There are several layers of tapestry hung across a large entrance to a large hall.

goblin archers sit atop the tapestry supports and pepper the party w/ arrows, and an Ogre emerges from them with a large gladiator net.
Kelly, who had had been in the form of a bear (and trying to grunt her displeasure with with the current plan to the party) is ensnared by the Ogre, and dragged into the next room.

The party rushes into the room to save Kelly, and does so expertly. Fortes slashes at the net, freeing Kelly, who then charges up a wall (spider bear!) and onto a ledge populated with goblin archers. She proceeds to take out an archer a round making her way across the room on the ledge.

The room has about a dozen goblins and three ogres. Fortes’ eyes are all agleam for giant killing, and he does a pretty good job of it. The last Ogre is a tall, wiry female with a fierce look to her. As the party is having success in the first half of the room, the she-Ogre transforms before them into a Large Were-Rat.

In the battle that follows, Kelly & Fortes end up in melee with the she-Ogress-Were-Rat and Kelly drops down to Zero HP, while Fortes’ blows force the Ogress to shift into medium sized rat shape and escape down a small tunnel in the back of the room.
The party makes easy work of the rest of the room, and loots the room to find Tessa’s scabbard and the Witches ring.

6th game

The game date is in question… I did manage to get a year behind in the adventure log.

The part makes its way to the Ogre Den on the map.
The party scouts out the entrance to a cave, which was guarded by goblins. In addition ,there were goblin worg riders on patrol.

Garek sneaks into the cave entrance and scouts a bit into the cave, sneaking past a half dozen goblins making camp inside the cave entrance.

Garek makes it far enough into the cave to discover that it opens into a drop off in a large water filled cavern, however there isn’t any obvious way across the cavern to the other side.

Garek returns with his scouting report and the party ventures into the cave and eliminates the small group goblins.

The party makes it to the drop off and discovers a crane like apparatus that can be used to ferry the party to the other side of the cavern. Garek uses his innate powers to summon dancing lights, revealing that the crane can only be operated from the other side of the cavern where is a crank mechanism.

Kelly casts spider climb and start to make his way along the wall to the other side of the cavern. Thanks to the illumination from the Dancing Lights, this makes Kelly a great target for the ballista that the party didn’t know was being manned by goblins on the far side of the cave. Kelly gets hit a few times by ballista, and makes haste to the other side of the cave.

The Gnome-a-pult is invented… Kale takes the shape of a harpy and grabs Garek, and start to fly to the other side of the cave. Garek meanwhile directs the dancing lights to the far wall of the cave, revealing two openings each with a ballista. Not being a fan of being a target for the ballista, Kale tosses Garek into one opening, and swoops down to the other.

After a scuffle with the goblins, and a few ogres (and a scruffy, starving griffon, which once freed from its cage by Garek, takes care of a few of the goblins on its way out) The party finds a passage out the back end of the cave….

and this brings the game session to an end…

A little birdy told me
5th Game

Once again, I’m just going to bullet out the events, I’ll come back later and journal later.
(I’ll just keep saying that, maybe someday I’ll have time to come back and re-write these. On that note, Players, you are welcome to re-write these in a more journal like manner, or not.[But not Baldbeasty, because he breaks the formatting!!!] )

Last game ended with the Party returning Rick the Paladin’s corpse to Lorik Madderhorn, and getting fresh horses from Treetown. The Party then returned to Merryl’s farm to return the Cart and Oxen.

The Plan was to head into the foothills and find the Ogre Den that was the map Tessa provided.

On the Morning of the 2nd day, Kelly MadderHorn recieves a message from Lorik Madderhorn by way of hummingbird. I tiny note is attached to the tiny bird.

“Kelly, take the south road to a barren rock outcropping, 25 miles to your Southwest. Meet up with your brother and his companion. I am still looking into the Stone shard you recovered. It may be important, keep an eye out for more like it.” There is a tiny map indicating the spot.

The Party proceeds to change direction and locates the desired outcropping.
When they arrive, there are 5 men wrestling with a female ogre.
There is another man, standing by two overloaded carts, cheering on the men.

The Ogress is “Pel” and is wrestling the men for sport. She ends up winning (4 of the 5 men are unconscious and the 5th can barely stand) and the merchant forks over 7 gold.

The party has an exchange with Pel and she tells them of the nearby Ogre Den (they already knew where it was) and how one of the Ogres’ recently took over control of the Den from the previous Leader. She asks that the party not kill her cousin “Mel”. (to be Identifed by a large growth on her left ear)

Some of the party members proceed to buy some of the traveling merchants wares, and Pel buys some very large gladiator style nets and departs.

Within a short while, Kelly’s brother Adelard Madderhorn shows up with Garik Garnetgetter. Adelard proceeds to excitedly tell the party he singlehandly killed a goblin patrol (Garik points out that they were not provoked, but that Adelard simply launch an all out attack on them as soon as he saw them). Adelard has a string of goblin ears at his waist (they are starting to smell).

Garik tells the party that he was asked to join them, and that Darius Rushmoore is being recalled to [[|Whitecliff Keep]]. Adelard is happy to head back to Treetown and seek out more goblin patrols on his way.

Darius and Adelard head north and with a new member in tow, the party heads once again towards the Ogre Den.

Loot the Paladin
4th Game

once again, I’m just going to bullet out the events, I’ll come back later and journal later.

  • The Party is running from the tower, heading west (picking up from last game’s ending)
  • The Flying Ball of DarknessTM swoops over to the east, over to the horses and start having lunch
  • The party is running and they circle around to head back towards Merryl’s farm, heading North East.
  • The party continues to run (Fortes is healed a bit) and after a while the darkness thing has come around looking for them.
  • Fortes, Darius and Kelly run into Kale, on horseback with two unknown companions.
  • Meet Rick the Paladin and Surefine the Elf Cleric.
  • Fortes, Darius and Kelly urge the other to turn around and share their horses
  • The Flying Ball of DarknessTM catches up anyhow, breaking through the canopy and crushing one of the horses.
  • the FBoDTM seems to hate horses, it kills most of them first before turning on the party.
  • Rick the Paladin Smites Evil before he himself is Smote.
  • A few more undead show up and the undead and the FBoDTM is finally put down.
  • Kale loots the paladin.
  • Darius apparently swiped a bag full of black onyx gems while they were fighting the Necromancer.
  • The next day, on the road to Merryl’s, the party encounters the Goblin Necromancer again.
  • Looking much worse for his encounter with the Necromancer and bound and unconscious at the Necromancer’s feet is the Party’s favorite goblin, Burl.
  • as soon as his Sanctuary drops, Kelly goes bat shit on the Nercomancer and the party follows suit. He goes down in two rounds, after failing to Hold Person on Fortes.
  • The Goblin has a Staff with a magical Stone Shard in the head of the staff. One edge is smooth and rounded as though it were once part of a sphere.
  • Kelly sends a Message to Treetown, asking for replacement horses and someone to come collect Bob’s corpse and return him to Whitecliff.
  • The party is pretty beat up, but they manage to limp back to Merryl’s.
  • After the party gets to Merryl’s (with Bob on the only remaining horse), Kelly borrows Merryl’s wagon and two Oxen, and the Party takes the north road towards Tree town to meet whoever is dispatched to collect Rick.
  • On the morning of the 2nd Day, the Party encounters the response to her message. Kelly’s Mother, Lorik Madderhorn is the one bringing the replacement horses.
  • Lorik hears Kelly’s story, takes the stone shard and collects Rick’s corpse.
  • As per Lorik’s instructions, the party will set out to find the Witch behind the Ogres (and presumably the Necromancer)
  • Surefine the Elf Cleric stays with the Party.

End of Game 4

From the top Down
3rd Game

I’ll have to come back later and write this out more like a journal, but for now, I wanted to catpure the events as I recall them.
If you (players) have anything to add, please feel free to add content.

  • The party returns to Merryl’s house
  • Glip and Burl deliver news of a large bone pile, a tower, and some undead
  • The Party goes to check out the tower (a few days ride)
  • Kale stays behind at Merryls to train his rabbit (no, really.)
  • Fortes, Darius and Kelly get to the tower and fight some undead
  • One of the undead was an Ogre.
  • Kelly determined that this is the 2nd time they have killed this ogre.
  • The Group scales the outside of the tower, and enters from above.
  • The top room filled with magical darkness, and something about the size of a horse.
  • The party rushes out of top room into middle level of tower
  • There is a Goblin necromancer in there, just finished suiting up
  • While fighting goblin necromancer, a large creature shrouded in 20’ darkness breaks down the door and enters room, while three more undead (including another Ogre) come up from the first floor.
  • There is hardly any room to maneuver in the 2nd floor with all the people creatures and undead.
  • Fortes drops, and the party flees downstairs, Fortes over Darius’ shoulders.
  • Kelly heals Fortes, and they run into the woods
  • The black ball of darkness erupts from the top of the tower… apparently it can fly… and is in pursuit of the party.
Where'd that rabbit go?
2nd Game - Part 1

At the end of the first game, the party decided to split up temporarily.

The brothers Darius and Fortes set off to track down the Dire Bunny, in hopes that it might lead them back to the Ogre Den.

Kelly and Kale meanwhile were to rendezvous with Goblin Chief Tem

Kelly and Kale arrive at the rendezvous point, a rock outcropping in a fallow field, north east from Merryl‘s farm. When they arrive the discover Burl hiding in a crevasse, trying to be sneaky, and failing. After a short interlude, Tem arrives with a small entourage, for his meeting with Kelly.
Tem goes on to relay the events that have driven the goblins to encroach on the farmers land.
It seems that something is either scaring off, or eating anything larger than a (normal sized) rabbit, and food for the goblins has been scarce. While they have been picking off the small and weak animals from the local farmers, they insist they haven’t been taking much.
Kelly strikes a deal with Tem. The Party will look into what is causing the shortage of game, and they will parlay with the local farmers to help get the goblins through the winter without any blood shed, in exchange for an end to the raids. Tem agrees, and Kelly now has to convince the local farmers.

Meanwhile Darius and Fortes track the Dire Bunny Rabbit back to an ancient, half buried structure, built into the side of a hill. Huge 20’ tall doors once stood against the elements, but now lay in ruins within the structure, having been sundered as if by a powerful blow. All they can tell from their vantage point is that the structure within is in ruins, and the entrance slopes down 10-12 feet into darkness. But there are Ogres here, and they don’t seem too happy about the Dire Bunny.

The party regroups back at Merryl’s farm the next day to plan the next move.

Follow the Rabbit
2nd Game - Part 2

After regrouping at Merryl‘s farm, the party decides that they will go after the Ogre’s in the ruined structure where Fortes tracked the Dire Bunny Rabbit.

After traveling most of the next day to get to the Ogre Den, the group devises a plan to lure the Ogre’s from the Den, and try to pick them off from a distance.

While the Dire Bunny still takes shelter in the Den, Fortes starts taking pot-shots into the Den, and manages to land two shots into one of the Ogres, as they come rushing out of the Den. In an incredibly stoke of luck, Fortes lands several great shots into one of the Ogres and it drops just as it exits the Den.
As soon as the second Ogre steps out of the Den, Kelly has an Entangle ready, and the Ogre’s charge is slowed down. Kale unleashed several magic missiles into the Ogre, and it tries to engage him, but is put down before it reaches him.

The party loots the Ogre Den, which appears to be a two story structure, where the floor on the 2nd story collapsed into the first, leaving a large open chamber over nearly 20’ high.


  • Wand: What at first appeared to be a wooden spoon, is discovered to be a wand, with a spoon tied to the end of it, and so caked with gruel that it appeared to be a solid spoon handle.
  • Wooden dagger
  • 2 Potions

In the back wall, where the floor used to be, about 10’ from what is now the floor, there is a doorway, which has been sealed with a tree trunk, and what appears to be Ogre dung.

The party takes shelter in the Ogre Den, and after a days rest, removes the tree trunk from the back door of the Den, and venture deeper into the structure…

I'll take Door Number 1
2nd Game - Part 3

The party lights a Lantern and ventures deeper into the ancient structure. Despite the condition of the first room, the structure appears to be very well built, with flagstone floors and block walls.
The room beyond the blocked door smells damp and dank, and old. The floor is strewn with dirt and guano. As the Party enters the room, the disturb the residents, and are set upon by a few Stirge.

After successfully dispatching the Stirge, the party moves from room to room, deeper into the hillside. two smaller rooms, and a two more encounters with Stirge, they enter a large chamber in the back of the Structure, and dispatch a small storm of Stirge.

At this point the party is pretty beat up, and missing a bit of blood. Believing the building has been cleared, Kale start looking around, while the rest of the party sets up camp in one of the first rooms. Kale checks out a crevasse at the back of the largest room, and is engulfed by the Gelatinous Cube residing in the back of the crevasse. The rest of the party, being in the other room, doesn’t notice Kale’s absence at first, and then Kelly realizes it got too quite in the other room.
During the fight that followed, Darius was also engulfed in the Cube, Kelly used most of her Greek Fire, and Fortes and handful of arrows… but they finally overcame the Slime and rescued Kale and Darius. Kale was near death, and the party decides to hold up here for a few days.

Once Recovered (two days later) the party is ready to press on. Kale discovered that the crevasse in the back room didn’t just hold a Slime, it also lead down, to another level of the structure.

The Party quickly scouted out the rooms below, dispatching a few Dire Rats, and finding their way past a Large stone door, into some kind of burial chamber. Within, they discover a sarcophagus (a pit trap) and some treasure.
Eventually, they find another stairway down (behind what was once a secret door, but so damaged that it was obvious) deeper into the hillside.

With Dire Rats fleeing before them, the part finally came to a large , clean, and well lit room in the very bottom of the building.

There they met with a Woman, living in the building, with the Rats as her companions. Armed with a crossbow, and wearing leather armor, she confronted the part (pinning Kale to the door with a crossbow bolt) and asked them to leave her home.

Kelly, ever the diplomat, got the woman talking and asked her what news she might have that could aid the party. She spoke of the Ogres, the Goblins and a Witch. She told the party that the Witch was behind the Ogres, and the Ogres were controlling the Goblins… and that if they party did her a favor, she could help them find the Witch.

Armed with a map provided by Tessa, the Party left in search of a Scabbard and a Ring, which Tessa told them had been taken from her by the Ogres. If they returned them to her, she could help the party locate the lair of the Witch.

End of Game 2

The Begining
Summon the young lords

I’m only have time to put in some quick updates right now. I’ll try to bullet out the events of the game and if I can, I’ll come back later and add some detail.

Events of the First Game

  • Fotres Rushmoore, Darius Rushmoor, Kelly Madderhorn and Kale Aldershott are summoned to the Keep.
  • Balara Rushmoore and Lorik Madderhorn outline a task for the young Lords
  • The Farmers to the South West have been reporting increased goblin activity and poaching on their lands. The young lords are to head South West and find out what is going on.
  • The Party head to the outlying farm community to the South West.
  • The Party encounter a farmer, Terrill, heading north with a cart full of cured meats. He says he would rather slaughter his herd and profit from the sale than watch them disappear from his fields. The farmer tells them to check out the farm of “Merl”, at the Western-most farm, as he has been hit the hardest.
  • The party encounters some goblins raiding a field near “Merl’s” farm. Kelly arranges for the goblins Glip and Burl to deliver a message to the Goblin Chief, to meet and negotiate, the next day.
  • When the party shows up, “Merl’s” farm is under attack by a band of goblins and an Ogre.
  • “Merl”, using a magic staff, somehow turns the Ogre into a giant (Dire) bunny rabbit. The rabbit runs off into the woods.
  • “Merl’s” farm hand dies in the attack.
  • “Merl” is actually Merryl Rispherwil, an eccentric, retired wizard, who runs the farm.
  • Merryl invites the party to rest at his farm and provides a warm meal.
  • While Fortes, Kelly and Darius setup camp on the farm, Kale sleeps in the farmhouse, and tries to convince Merryl to let Kale have his staff.
  • Kelly Meets with the Goblin Chief Tem, who agrees to stop raiding the farms if the Party can find out what is happening to all the large game. Apparently anything larger than a (regular sized bunny rabbit) has either been scared off, eaten, or otherwise vanished.

I think that was the end of the first game day.
It is possible that the last bullet was from the beginning of the 2nd Game.


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