Lords of Whitecliff

The Begining
Summon the young lords

I’m only have time to put in some quick updates right now. I’ll try to bullet out the events of the game and if I can, I’ll come back later and add some detail.

Events of the First Game

  • Fotres Rushmoore, Darius Rushmoor, Kelly Madderhorn and Kale Aldershott are summoned to the Keep.
  • Balara Rushmoore and Lorik Madderhorn outline a task for the young Lords
  • The Farmers to the South West have been reporting increased goblin activity and poaching on their lands. The young lords are to head South West and find out what is going on.
  • The Party head to the outlying farm community to the South West.
  • The Party encounter a farmer, Terrill, heading north with a cart full of cured meats. He says he would rather slaughter his herd and profit from the sale than watch them disappear from his fields. The farmer tells them to check out the farm of “Merl”, at the Western-most farm, as he has been hit the hardest.
  • The party encounters some goblins raiding a field near “Merl’s” farm. Kelly arranges for the goblins Glip and Burl to deliver a message to the Goblin Chief, to meet and negotiate, the next day.
  • When the party shows up, “Merl’s” farm is under attack by a band of goblins and an Ogre.
  • “Merl”, using a magic staff, somehow turns the Ogre into a giant (Dire) bunny rabbit. The rabbit runs off into the woods.
  • “Merl’s” farm hand dies in the attack.
  • “Merl” is actually Merryl Rispherwil, an eccentric, retired wizard, who runs the farm.
  • Merryl invites the party to rest at his farm and provides a warm meal.
  • While Fortes, Kelly and Darius setup camp on the farm, Kale sleeps in the farmhouse, and tries to convince Merryl to let Kale have his staff.
  • Kelly Meets with the Goblin Chief Tem, who agrees to stop raiding the farms if the Party can find out what is happening to all the large game. Apparently anything larger than a (regular sized bunny rabbit) has either been scared off, eaten, or otherwise vanished.

I think that was the end of the first game day.
It is possible that the last bullet was from the beginning of the 2nd Game.


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