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  • Lords

    h1. The Five Lords of the White Cliffs:

    While there were 8 member of the original adventuring party (The [[Rolling Stones]]), one (1) was slain and 2 chose not to settle down at [[Whitecliff Keep|Whitecliff]].

    Those that remain are known as …

  • Pellgram the Pale

    aka. Pellgram the Vile, Pellgram the Shadow, Pellgram the Reviled.

    *you get the picture Pellgram was a great wizard who found great power in the dark magics, and became a Litch. His power held sway over the [[Barrow Downs]] and the [[Dire …

  • Lindra Lighthammer

    Original member of the Rolling Stones. Wife to [[Brom Lighthammer]]. Deceased. Killed by by [[Pellgram the Pale]].

  • Maris Meriwether

    Original Member of the [[Rolling Stones]]. Deceased. Killed by a Steppe Dragon before the Party fought [[Pellgram the Pale]].

  • Lorik Madderhorn

    Halfling Druid. Original Member of the [[Rolling Stones]]. "Founder" of [[Treetown]].

    [[Lorik Madderhorn]] lived in the forest as a whole but the Grove was her home as much as anything could be called as such. So the Grove is where people …

  • Death of Barrup Madderhorn

    Halfling Fighter. Second born child of [[Lorik Madderhorn]]. Deceased. Recently slain by Goblins, this has caused a great deal of tension between [[Lorik Madderhorn|Lorik]] and the Goblin tribes near [[Treetown]].

  • Kelly MadderHorn

    All of Lorik’s children were/are communally raised by all of the residents of Treetown. As a matter of fact, all of the children born into the community are more or less raised by the community as a whole. Now the people of Treetown didn’t …

  • Balkara Rushmoor

    Level 14 Human Cleric Balkara Rushmoor is an original member of the [[Rolling Stones]]. She currently resides at [[Whitecliff Keep]]. h3. Children 1st Child - Legatus Rushmoor (Son - Noble - Diplomat - NPC) 2nd Child - Sacerdos Rushmoor ( …

  • Cnedra Aldershott

    C'nedra Aldershot is an active [[Lords|Lord]] of the [[White Cliffs]]. It is thought that she is in her mid 200's. She is a Wizard of some great power, and fought along side [[Brom Lighthammer]] and the Band of the [[Rolling Stones]] against the …

  • Laesneniel Perren

    Husband of [[Cnedra Aldershott]], a [[Lords|Lord]] of Whitecliff. Also known as Lysander Perren. more to come...?

  • Calenviael "Kale" Aldershott

    Calenviael Aldershott, or "Kale" as he prefers, is the living personification of Moxie and Charm. Roguishly handsome and smooth as velvet he could sell Elven ale to a sober dwarf and he is fully aware of it, a shame he usually is annoyed by most people. …

  • Godan Garnettgetter

    Level 15 Gnome Illusionist Member of the band of the [[Rolling Stones]] Lord of Whitecliff Godan Garnettgetter lives at [[Whitecliff Keep]] and maintains the [[Tower of Ascension]], more commonly known as the home of the [[Whitecliff Keep| …

  • Terrill

    A farmer from the south west of [[Whitecliff Keep]], two days south west of [[Treetown]]. Met the party while traveling to [[Treetown]] to sell meat from his slaughtered stock. Told the party that he was selling is flock because something was taking …

  • Merryl Rispherwil

    Merryl "Sheep" Rispherwil is an eccentric sorcerer who has settled down to tend a farm 4 - 5 days south of [[Whitecliff Keep]]. Usually seen wearing a dress, and carrying a tall walking stick. The walking stick is actually a magic staff. Met the …

  • Glip, Burl and Tem

    Glip, Burl and Tem are three goblins the party encountered during the 1st game session. Glib, Burl and Tem belong to the Blue Rock Clan. Tem is the Chief of the Blue Rock Clan. Glip was a coweradly goblin hiding under under a tarp in the back of …

  • Serge Pondick

    Master Alchemist and instructor at Whitecliff for 25 year, Serge retired years ago, turning over the alchemy lab to two of his sons. Serge was Kale's Alchemist instructor. Serge is now 61 years old and in poor health.

  • Jerrik Green

    Also Known as "Jackrabbit" or Jack Green, Jerrik Green is a woodsman who spends much of his time near and around [[Treetown]]. Jerrik is from the Whitecliff area, before it was settled by the [[Lords|Lords of Whitecliff]] when it was still a wild …

  • Tessa

    Fond of Dire Rats and wields a crossbow. Lives in the lower level of an Ogre Den that party cleared out on the "2nd Adventure":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/lords-of-whitecliff/adventure-log. Negotiates a deal with the party. If they …

  • Esmund Graeme

    Head priest of the [[White Guard | White Guard.]] 2nd in command only to the Captain of the Guard, Soloman Fisk.

  • White Guard

    The White Guard is a troupe of 20+ Paladins that are stationed at WhiteCliff. They are tasked with patrolling the Barrow Downs and keeping the roving undead at bay. They are an arm of the Veluvian Paladins of Heroneous.

  • Syrefine - Elf Cleric

    Elf Cleric Stationed with the [[White Guard | White Guard]] Joined the party on their adventures when they were facing the goblin necromancer.. took part in the first battle against a *Flying Ball of Darkness*TM.