The Town of Alnwick

Alnwick is located to the South / South West of Whitecliff Keep, only a few minute ride by horseback from the main gate of the Keep.

The town of Alnwick grew as a means to support the influx of skilled craftsmen required to rebuild Whitecliff Keep. At first an engineering operation, then a Camp, Village, and Town, Alnwick is now a bustling City of nearly 4,000 inhabitants.

The lazy Londa River wanders through town, usually between 8-20 feet wide, and shallow. The river, while not completely man made, was “encouraged” by the irrigation of the surrounding swamp, and now carries most of the water from the Whitecliff area south east, through farmland and eventually into the the receeding marshland.

Populate Diversity of Alnwick

Race Percent
Human 80%
Halfling 5%
Gnome 1%
Dwarf 7%
Elf 1%
Half-Elf 2%
Other 4%


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