Cnedra Aldershott

C’nedra Aldershot is an active Lord of the White Cliffs.

It is thought that she is in her mid 200’s.

She is a Wizard of some great power, and fought along side Brom Lighthammer and the Band of the Rolling Stones against the Litch Pellgram the Pale.

A Grey Elf, Originally from the northern Vesve Forest, Far North of Furyondy, near the Sepia Uplands, C’nedra’s family was forced to flee the Vesve Forest when the invading armies of Iuz claimed the northern Vesve as there own.

It is thought that C’nedra’s liniage includes Snow elf, as she stands at nearly 6’2" tall, with pale blond hair and silver eyes.

Relocating in the Kingdom of Furyondy, C’nedra’s family set down roots in the Capital city Chendl, and then later moved to Veluna City, and lived in a small forest to the south of Veluna City.

C’nedra’s father worked with the College of Bishops and her mother, a skilled sorcerer was a member of the Veluna Mages guild. C’nedra showed no inclination for sorcery and took up studies as a wizard when she was in her early 50’s.

When C’nedra was in her late 100’s she met Brom Lighthammer and began adventuring with him. C’nedra was the third member to join the adventuring group.

It is believed that C’nedra Aldershott is the keeper of a powerful artifact.
After Pellgram the Pale’s Phylactery was destroyed, stories were told of a powerful artifact that was recovered from his plundered tomb. Most in the Dire March are only aware of this artifact by rumor, but as the story is told, it is Evil (with a capital E) and indestructible, and the Lords of the White Cliff keep it safe and away from those that could use it for evil.

Shortly after the construction began at Whitecliff Keep C’nedra and her followers performed several foyays into the Bramblewood Forest, some lasting months at a time. It is rumored that C’nedra has a secret fort or lair in the heart of the Bramblewood.

C’nedra is married to the 1/2 Grey Elf Lysander Perren, born to the Wolf Nomad Nomad Clans far to the north.

C’nedra and Lysander have three children.


  • Mythandril Aldershott (1st Child – Male – <class> – NPC)
  • Tirithiel Aldershott (2nd Child – Female – <class> – NPC)
  • Calenviael “Kale” Aldershott (3rd Child – Male – Sorcerer – PC)

Cnedra Aldershott

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