Dire March

The Dire Marches

The “Dire March” or the “Dire Marches” is the name given to a patch of swamp land north west of Whitecliff Keep.

Prior to the founding of the town of Alnwick, the entire area was known as the Dire March. The area was unsettled and wild, and difficult to travel.

Since the founding of Alnwick and the reconstruction of Whitecliff Keep, much has changed in the area surrounding the settlement. Before the area was settled by the Lords of Whitecliff , the entire area was a marsh. During the reconstruction of Whitecliff much effort was put forth by Brom Lighthammer to make the land more arable. With much success, the marsh receded to the south west.

What remained of the swamp to the North East is today still known as the Dire March, and seems to have a will of its own. Travel through the Dire March is difficult, and cultivating the land impossible.

To the North West of the Dire March can be found the Barrow Downs.

Dire March

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