Glip, Burl and Tem

Glip, Burl and Tem are three goblins the party encountered during the 1st game session.

Glib, Burl and Tem belong to the Blue Rock Clan.

Tem is the Chief of the Blue Rock Clan.

Glip was a coweradly goblin hiding under under a tarp in the back of a horseless wagon, while the part was on the way to Merryl Rispherwil’s Farm.

During their conversation with Glip (Who insisted that the wagon was his and that the party should leave it alone!) 8 more goblins show up, hauling chunks of a recently slaughtered cow.

Glip reveals that the goblins are only raiding the human’s farm because food to the west has become sparse. Something has either scared away, or eaten all of the big game.

Burl is goblin who was leading the goblin raid to get meat for the wagon.
He is slightly smarter than Glip, and a little less fearful. He is also more calculating in his discussion with the party, and careful not to reveal too much about the goblins.

Tem is the Goblin chief who met with Calenviael “Kale” Aldershott and Kelly MadderHorn to negotiate an agreement with the goblin tribe to keep them from raiding the farms. Tem agrees he will stop raiding the farms if the farmers help them feed the tribe while the party looks into the lack of larger game to the West.

Glip, Burl and Tem

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