Godan Garnettgetter

Level 15 Gnome Illusionist Member of the band of the Rolling Stones

Lord of Whitecliff

Godan Garnettgetter lives at Whitecliff Keep and maintains the Tower of Ascension, more commonly known as the home of the Whitecliff Magic Guild, Library and Alchemist workshop.

Godan can often be seen wandering around the marketplace in Alnwick bartering for deals on worthless trinkets and semi-precious gems. He is usually easy to find by his boisterous nature, and colorful robes.


1st Child – Gizelle Garnettgetter (Daughter – Rogue – NPC)
2nd Child – Glinda Garnettgetter (Daughter – Illusionist – NPC)
3rd Child – Glyter Garnettgetter (Daughter – Noble – NPC)
4th Child – Garek Garnettgetter (Son – Rogue – BaldBeasty)
5th Child – Ghana (Gahnospinel) Garnettgetter (Daughter – ? – NPC)

Godan Garnettgetter

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