Kelly MadderHorn

All of Lorik’s children were/are communally raised by all of the residents of Treetown. As a matter of fact, all of the children born into the community are more or less raised by the community as a whole.

Now the people of Treetown didn’t necessarily try to give preference to Lorik’s children but they did nonetheless. The best that Treetown had to offer volunteered to teach the children, they received the best offerings from the hunts, and they got the highest quality clothing and gear. They still had to do their parts to serve the community, they had to go out on hunts with the rest of the hunting party, they still had to carry lumber and food, they were part of the community and still had to serve the community.

Despite the relatively hard life of the residents of Treetown, the childhood of all of Lorik’s children were filled with fun and games, tempered by hard work and a thorough education about survival in the forests.

The Life of Kelly took a hard turn when she was quite young. It was the night of the Winter Solstice and the Druids had gone into the Grove for their celebration while the residents of Home had a celebration of their own. Game was roasted, the last of the previous years stores were broken out, sweets were even brought in from Whitecliff. The night of the Solstice is one of the times that all of the children are allowed to stay up to greet the return of the sun. It was that night the young Kelly’s path in life was decided.

It started as a dare. The children sat at the edge of the grove trying to get a look at the strange lights that sometimes appeared when the Druids had their celebration. Barrup dared Kelly to enter the grove to see the source of the lights. Of course entering the grove is forbidden and is probably the only thing that is considered a Law in Treetown. But youth lack the sense to make decisions like this, and halflings are known for their lack of fear. So the challenge was accepted and Kelly ventured into the Grove.

What happened within the Grove has never been spoken of. What is known is that Kelly has discovered trespassing in the sacred ground and was not seen or heard of in Home for 18 Months. Barrup (having reached the age of choosing and free to choose an apprenticeship) left the next day for Whitecliff to follow his dream of becoming a knight of the realm. When Kelly return to Home, she was a druid having spent the past year and half under the tutelage of Annor Shadowthorn (Lorik’s cohort).

Kelly MadderHorn

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