Lorik Madderhorn

Halfling Druid.

Original Member of the Rolling Stones.

“Founder” of Treetown.

Lorik Madderhorn lived in the forest as a whole but the Grove was her home as much as anything could be called as such. So the Grove is where people went to seek the wisdom of the Druid Lorik, the Grove is where people went to receive her blessings to hunt or harvest from the forest. Over the years many people came to the Grove seeking Lorik and some of them stayed. Those that stayed did so because the forest was home to them as well. Druids, rangers, woodsmen, hunters, trappers, and anyone else that heard the calling of the Silvam came to the Grove.

Lorik struggles with recent events and has a hard time seeing a goblin and not seeing it as the killer of her son, even though a distant unrelated tribe of goblins was responsible for his death. Lorik still allows Goblins to trade with Treetown but she, herself, will not meet with any goblin, for any reason


Lorik has Four Children (and one Deceased). Nobody knows who the fathers of Lorik’s children are except for possibly Lorik herself. All that people know is that there are times that she would return to Home either pregnant or with a child in her arms. There is even some doubt to whether or not she is the mother to some (though they are all Halfling and there is a distinct family resemblance between them). What is known is that Lorik loves her children and would protect them with a ferocity that makes a mother bear look like a pussy cat.

1st child: Melindy Madderhorn (Daughter) Took to the calling of Ranger and will inherit dominion over the Silvam Forest.

2nd child: Barrup Madderhorn (Son – Deceased), Moved to the Whitecliff Keep to become a Fighter, was killed in a battle against goblins.

3rd child: Kelly Madderhorn (Daughter – Player Character) Following in Mom’s footsteps to become a Druid.

4th child: Adelard Madderhorn (Son) Took to magical studies after the Death of Barrup Madderhorn, whom he idolized and was devastated by his death. Vows revenge against the goblins that killed his brother.

5th child: Aspodel Madderhorn (Daughter) Still very young and hasn’t chosen a path of yet but showing a tenancy towards becoming a Druid.

Lorik Madderhorn

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