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Next Game Day

Saturday, January 10, 6:00 PM – 12:00 Midnight At TheReverend’s house in Romeoville.

Who is in? Please edit your attendance below, let me know if you are gonna make it.

Player Attend?
TheReverend Yes
Tzarchasm Totes
sirtwist yes
St Nougat yes
Powerwek yes- 45 min late
Baldbeasty N/A
Ben ??
Mystery Player no


Bonus Points for St Nougat, great journal entries!

Kelly’s Journal

^—- She is dead.. try reading this one — > Hassan’s Journal

Hey, check it out, Tzarc has entries too!

The Tale of Kale

sirtwist has a journal too!

Fortes Adventure Journal

Baldbeasty also has a journal!

Garek’s Journal

Powerwek23 has a journal:

Surefine’s Journal

Note To Lady Madderhorn

Hogren Lighthammer

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