Merryl Rispherwil

Merryl “Sheep” Rispherwil is an eccentric sorcerer who has settled down to tend a farm 4 – 5 days south of Whitecliff Keep.

Usually seen wearing a dress, and carrying a tall walking stick.

The walking stick is actually a magic staff.

Met the Party during the 1st game session.
When the Party first met Merryl, his farmhouse was under attack by a dozen goblins and an Ogre.
During the fight with the Ogre, Merryl’s Staff turned the Ogre into a Dire Rabbit, and it ran away.

Merryl’s longtime farmhand Bucky was slain by the Ogre during the attack.

The Party spend the night at Merryl’s farm and left the next morning to track the Dire Rabbit, in hopes that it would lead them back to the Ogre’s den.
Merryl invited Kale spend the night with him.
Kale spend the night in Merryl’s farmhouse.

Merryl was smitten with Kale Aldershott during the party’s visit.

Kale tried repeatedly to get Merryl to give him the staff. The party is still divided on what Kale actually was referring to when he said he wanted Merryl’s staff.

Merryl Rispherwil

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