Fond of Dire Rats and wields a crossbow.

Lives in the lower level of an Ogre Den that party cleared out on the 2nd Adventure.

Negotiates a deal with the party.

If they find and return to her a scabbard stolen from her by an Ogress, and a ring in the Ogress’ possession, she will help them find the lair of the Witch they have been looking for.

After recovering the scabbard and ring, the party meets up with Tessa again on the road during Adventure 4.

She takes the scabbard and in return shows the party how to use the ring to find the Witch’s lair.

The ring must be hung from a string, on an iron tri-pod, over a tray of water. When this is done, the ring will swing in the compass direction of the witch’s current location.

She also informs them that the Witch can use the ring as a scrying device, and she may know what they are up to and that they are coming for her.


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