Yea sure so they weren’t to creative in coming up with a name for the village that grew up in the heart of the Silvam Forest but then it was never supposed to actually become a village let along have a name. Lorik Madderhorn is technically the founder but that term is as loose as the name.

It started around the founding of Whitecliff Keep. Instead of claiming a Keep of her own Lorik claimed the wilderness and went into the Silvam Forest to live a life among the trees and animals that she loved and cared for. In the heart of the forest she found an ancient grove used by the druids of the past but long since forgotten. Lorik claimed the Grove and brought her loving touch to the heart of the forest. The Forest responded to the presence of a druid in its heart and it flourished and expanded. Animals, fey and other creatures of the forest flocked to the Silvam.

Those that came to the Silvam Forest did not want to spoil the forest any more than absolutely necessary and so with great respect, they took to its trees for their homes. Assisted by Druidic magic and the talents of master craftsmen they build a small village in the great branches of the trees around the Grove. The homes and bridges connecting them were so artfully constructed that they blend into the forest almost perfectly. Even those who know what to look for have trouble finding them.

The only buildings that stayed on the ground were the smithy and a small stable. The residents of Treetown (though none of them refer to it as anything other than ‘Home’) live their lives at peace with the forest by taking only what they need. They are hunters and gatherers, craftsmen and artists, healers and animal trainers. They live relatively simple lives compared to those who live in the cities of the world.

True to Lorik’s beliefs in the balance of nature all are welcome in Treetown. The residents have happily traded with the ‘evil’ races. There are a couple of goblin tribes in the forest who frequently come by Treetown to trade. As long as others do not start trouble then all are welcome to trade. This does not mean that the residents of Treetown are naive about the nature of some people. When those of ‘questionable intent’ (be it an evil race or those who may choose to harm Treetown for choosing to trade with ‘their enemies’) visit they are watched by the watchful eyes of bowmen hidden in the branches above.

This policy and relationship have recently been severely strained, almost to breaking when Lorik heard news of the death of her son at the hands of goblins.

Over the years the residents of the forest have expanded the system of bridges to almost cover the entire old forest and much of the new forest (save The Grove). Those who know The Way (as this system is called) can move from one side of the Silvamto the other, often without ever touching the forest floor.


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