White Cliffs

The name “The White Cliffs” was given to two cliff faces, exposing white bedrock. The Cliffs are found in the Dire March, to the west of Veluna.

These two cliff faces are ~1,100 feet separated at their nearest points.

The two cliffs are at oriented roughly 90 degrees from each other, with the northern cliff face opening to the Southwest and the southern cliff face opening to the North West.

An ancient fortress once spanned the two cliff faces and had fallen into ruin, built by some long forgotten Empire.

When the Band of the Rolling Stones decided to settle down and rebuild the Fortifications on the North face of the White Cliffs they took the title " The Lords of the White Cliffs ". The Diocese of Veluna backed their settlement and the town of Alnwick quickly grew between the cliff faces.

White Cliffs

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