Garek Garnettgetter Diary

Entry the First:  

So, living as the fourth child to a Lord is not all it’s cracked up to be.  Wait, who am I kidding, it’s actually awesome most of the time.  No pressure to be diplomatic, no chance of ever becoming someone important (read: wearing a target).  Still, there are times where I get bored with drinking and dancing and carousing and such.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a good night at the pub with a nice, busty wench, but having the same thing night after night (even if it is a different pub and different wench) gets stale. 

I would never tell my father this, but I long for adventure.  I mean, what else have I been training for these past few decades?  Leaping rooftop to rooftop, sneaking around the grounds unnoticed, perfecting my stealth and skills with my picks.  Not for my health, that’s for sure.  Well, ok, yes, for my health, I’m in great shape, but also for the chance to go out with a real adventuring party and have a real adventure.  Not that I’d ever admit it to him (and I hope he’s not the one reading this), but yeah, kinda like my dad.

You can imagine, then, that when I was told I needed to head out to meet some of the other kids from other Lords, I was pretty excited.  I hid it well enough, but my guts were roiling with butterflies.

The only downside was my traveling companion. That dude has issues.  I mean, yeah, we’re both smallfolk, but he’s like, traumatized.  Knocked a cog loose in the old gearbox if you know what I mean.  Guy wore a string of goblin ears.  Fresh.  Let me tell you, after a few days there’s not a bath in the world that will cleanse that scent.  I had to tell him I had allergies while I surreptitiously shoved wads of cotton up my nose.

That, however, was the worst part of it and let me tell you:  Totally worth it!  I met up with the kids of the Lords, a few I’ve seen, plus one really hot elf chick, who is some kind of healer.  Boy, she can tend my wounds anytime…

Anyroad, since meeting up with this group, it’s been nothing but a tremendous adventure.  Sneaking into a cave ensconced with Goblins and Wargs and Ogres, almost getting caught (but I’m too good for that).  It was AWESOME.

There’s one in particular that I’ve been getting along with, well, I wouldn’t say getting along, I’d actually say working well with.  I don’t think he gets along with anyone, namely because I don’t think he likes anyone other than himself.  Still, can’t deny the effectiveness of transforming into a harpy then carrying me and throwing me into the fray.  It was, again, awesome!  Freeing that Griffon, taking out the ballista, then the ogre was all pure fun.  I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!


Garek Garnettgetter Diary

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