Whitecliff Keep

Whitecliff Keep

30 years ago:

A party of 8 adventurers, after a successful string of adventures, defeated a great evil in the Barrow Downs, beyond the Dire March, to the west of Furyundy.

In the course of their last adventure, they came upon the ruins of a keep built into a cliff face, surrounded by a fertile landscape, and decided to setup camp.

Over the next decade, the 5 members of the Adventure party that chose to settle down, had the keep rebuilt. A small town sprang up around the as the demand for skilled craftsmen brought in more and more people.

Present Day:

Now known as Whitecliff Keep or simply Whitecliff, the 5 Lords of the White Cliffs rule over the bustling town of Alnwick, and its nearly 4,000 inhabitants.

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Whitecliff Keep

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